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we saw a late show of batman begins last night.

i think it suffered from two major problems - a director who had no idea how to manage a production that size, and a story that included everything but the kitchen sink. they packed the cast with really fun and quirky actors, but gave none of them scenes with anyone but bale or holmes (gary oldman spent most of the film talking to himself), and the only one with any kind of 3d character was caine/alfred. b told me that the "league of shadows" plot was actually part of the original comic myth, but i thought it was poorly handled, especially all of the ambiguously "asian" stuff. murphy/the scarecrow could have been a really fun villain, but from the moment they introduced him, they said quite clearly that he was only a minion, so it detracted from much of the force he could have carried as a conduit of pure fear. the movie paid lip service to batman putting himself between the elite and the disenfranchised, but we saw only two actually disenfranchised characters, and the movie undermined this message by killing everyone in "the narrows" after all.

and what's up with a machine that turns all water into gas, but doesn't kill human beings who are primarily composed of water?
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